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NM Laser is capable of production for discontinued products based on OEM market demand

For over 30 years of service to various industries, NM Laser Products has designed and manufactured laser shutters and accessories based on any OEM and research demand. As the laser industries shift over the years, NM Laser shutters are also re-designed and manufactured to meet any specification required. This results in special built laser shutters for certain application that are discontinued.

Based on demand and forecast, NM Laser documentation and ERP system is capable of returning any discontinued products to production. Please contact us.



Dual Aperture version of popular LST200SLP, same specs, offers N.O. Aperture & N.C. Aperture.


LST200SLP-3.2.AL5-36 $375

Larger 3.2 mm Aperture version of LST200SLP with lower holding open power, optical handling to 5W.


LST50-DSK2 $430

6mm Aperture, version of obsoleted LST50 with position sensors installed. Dielectric Mirror for multiple wavelengths, safety shutter application.


LST4WBK2-HE-D123 $480

Same as LST4WBK2 but with Hi-efficiency winding for direct 24VDC drive. Mirror for 355, 532, & 1064nm simultaneously.


LST18S $240

Same specs as LST18, bottom mount holes removed, thru holes for mounting are used, smaller. Modest quantities available.


0320-7680 $290

Tongue style shutter, 11mm effective Aperture, Absorptive Molybdenum thin blade for insertion in tight zones, as between optics, position sensors, simple 24VDC drive.


PCB Level, AC or DC Powered, Full Safety Features.


Instrument Package, AC Power, Safety & Utility.


Instrument Package, AC Power, Safety & Utility.