Pricing subject to change.


  • Optical Power: 2 W
  • Aperture Size: 2.3 to 3 mm
  • Fast Switching (processing)
  • Switching Speed: 1 ms

  • OEM Requiring Speed
  • Fits in Tight Zones
  • Highest Reliability
  • Biotech Exposures


This model is designed for use as a fast process shutter and quick reaction safety interlock. The inherent speed is achieved with minimum electrical power requirement. This model is used routinely in application that operates 24/7/365, accumulating billions of cycles. It is our highest reliability product. Controller choice affects switching speeds. The solid copper package efficiently manages thermal flow, delivering the heat to the mounting surfaces.

Compatible system controller CX 3000 or user-built circuits designed around 24 VDC. Specification are for use with a typical 24 V capacitor discharge or PWM circuit.

See the “Mechanical Drawing” tab for dimensions. Also see the “Application Notes” tab on the home page menu for important operational issues including: thermal mounting, user-built circuits, polarization, lifetime, jitter, vacuum operation, and contamination. See the “Accessories” tab for useful system components.

Special considerations for this model are primarily thermal mounting. The Output Aperture face is the ideal surface for high heat loads, and the bottom threaded surface for lower heat loads.

Restricted use for this model include close proximity to high magnetic fields and strict observance of optical power rating. Environments subjecting shutter to large size particles could inhibit shutter motion.


Aperture Diameter 2.3 mm
Typical Beam Diameter used for Specs 1.0 mm
Maximum Shutter Repetition Rate 100 Hz
CW and Quasi-CW Optical Power Handling 2 W Standard
Typical Damage Threshold, Aligned Polarization 30 mJ/cm2 (PW=10 ns)
Delay to Begin Opening after Command Open 2 ms
Opening Time Switching Speed 1 ms
Delay to Begin Closing after Command Close 1 ms
Closing Time Switching Speed 1 ms
Minimum FWHM Exposure Capability 2.5 ms
Thermal Power Dissipation Holding Open 4 W
Thermal Power Dissipation – Repetitive Cycling 10 W @ 50 Hz
Nominal Magnetic Winding Impedance 22 Ohms
Cable/Wire Type and Length 18 Inch twisted pair, 22 g.
Mounting Surface for Thermal Sinking Output Face, Bottom
Position Sensors Not Available
Weight 5 Oz.
Size (see mechanical drawing) 2.10 x 1.35 x 0.38 Inches


Aperture Size Range

2.3mm to 3mm

Wire Length

Any length

Wire/Cable Type Wire Gauge

Teflon, Vinyl


Any 2 pin connector


2.10 x 1.35 x 0.38 in.


Engraving, Labels

Mechanical Drawing

Note: 3-D solid model available upon request (Solidworks or .stp file)

Electrical Drive

Classification Safety/Process
Number of Wire Leads Std. Two, 22 g
Number of Wire Leads None
Cable or Wires – Length 18 inches, Cable if controller ordered, 10 feet
Cable/Wire Termination Flying, LEMO plug if controller ordered
Recommended Controller and Voltage Present Capacitor Discharge 24 V, 24 V PWM, or our controllers
Shutter Winding Resistance 22 Ohms Nominal
Gravity Considerations None
Typical Minimum Hold Open Voltage, Room Temperature 10 V
Typical Hold Open Power Dissipation as Heat 4 W
User Power Supply Notes 24 V, 1A Rating
User Drive Circuit/Cap Discharge 24 V, C=330 mmF, R=25 ohm, use 1N4001 Flyback diode, and 15-36 V Zener
Nominal Winding Inductance 10 mH
User Drive Circuit/PWM Type 24 V for 5 ms, then drop to 10 V hold, use above described flyback arrangement.
Color Codes and Function of Wires Red and Black to winding