NM Laser Products, Inc. has been introducing advancements in laser shutter technology since 1987. The company engineers and manufactures the world’s safest and most reliable electromechanical laser shutters and controllers by meeting the production and integration challenges of OEMs and researchers in a continually growing number of broad and niche markets worldwide.

Reliable commercial shutter products for high irradiance lasers were not available in the solid-state boom of the 1980’s. This prompted the staff of NM Laser Products to begin development of new laser shutter technologies beginning in 1987, with a small group of products offered in 1988.

Patented Flexure Technology Laser Shutters

Flexure technology and closely coupled magnetic designs reduced the moving parts to a single cantilever beam movement. Several versions of this technology were developed for specific types of applications. USA and international patents were granted. The earlier years were focused on high speed and high power laser shutters for research applications.

NM Laser continued to grow and add products to fill niche markets for researchers and OEM’s. In the 1990’s, a large number of safety interlocking and processing shutters were developed with interlock controller systems to meet the growing demand for laboratory and instrument safety. Our OEM base expanded greatly during these years.


High Damage Threshold, High Irradiance Laser Shutters

Laser shutters are used in every market that lasers penetrate. This has given us a great deal of exposure to applications across many industry lines. These include semiconductor processing, biotechnology, welding/cutting, lidar, chemical engineering, graphic arts, forestry and pollution monitoring.

NM Laser continues to develop and refine the laser shutter and controller product line, introducing new products regularly. Innovations are geared toward meeting today’s higher industry standards, with an emphasis on enabling customers to build better, safer products at a lower cost and virtually zero maintenance.


NM Laser Shutter Products are sold in most major industrialized nations around the world. Service and support is provided from our design and manufacturing headquarters in San Jose, California, USA.

You can reach the factory staff for sales and technical support from listings on our Contact page.

OEMs and research institutions are invited to contact NM Laser Products for consultation on laser shutters and shutter controllers for CW and pulsed laser applications. Our decades of application specialization can rapidly converge on an OEM Solution.

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