Optical Power Handling: 2 W
Aperture: 3 mm
Switching Speed: 2 ms
Direct Drive: 5V DC
No Controller PCB Needed
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Optical Shutter
Laser Safety Shutter
High Speed 50 Hz
Low Power Draw
Compact Package
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Switching Time Specifications

Specification 1 mm Beam 3 mm Full Aperture
Open Delay Time 3.5 ms 3.0 ms
Open Rise Time 1.0 ms 2.0 ms
Open Total Time 4.5 ms 5.0 ms
Close Delay Time 2.3 ms 1.5 ms
Close Fall Time 0.7 ms 2.0 ms
Close Total Time 3.0 ms 3.5 ms


Performance Specifications

Electrical Drive DIRECT DRIVE 5V AT 0.5A
Aperture Diameter 3.0 mm
Typical Beam Diameter 1.0 mm
Max. Optical Power Handling 2 Watts (30 mJ/cm2 LIDT)
Maximum Repetition Rate 50 Hz Continuous
Nominal Magnetic Impedence 10 Ohms
Thermal Power Dissipation Holding Open 2.5 WATTS
Thermal Power Dissipation at 50 Hz 1.2 WATTS
Cable/Length 26g Teflon, 18 inches
Overall Size 2 in. x 1 in. x 0.4 in.
Customization Available DIRECT DRIVE 12V AT 0.2 A


The high reliability LST-5VDC optical shutter provides the best value with 5V direct drive. Its compact 2” x 1” x 0.4” package size with 3mm aperture provides the optimum package to aperture size ratio. SIMPLE 5V DIRECT DRIVE The electrical drive becomes the simplest form for users with 5V direct drive. Lowest cost electrical drive, a switch, is achieved. Thermal management becomes negligible with only 2.5W thermal power dissipation when holding open. Considerations for all laser shutters and optical shutters include proximity to high magnetic fields and strict observance of optical power rating. Subjecting the optical shutter to “large” size dust particles and debris could inhibit the optical shutter motion. See the Mechanical Drawing tab for dimensions. Also see the Application Notes in the Technical Information menu for important operational issues including: thermal mounting, user-built circuits, polarization, lifetime, jitter, vacuum operation, and contamination. See the Product Matrix page to compare laser shutter models.