Online RFQ
January 2019

Laser Shutter Technology

NM Laser Products has been manufacturing laser shutters for over 30 years using patented flexure technology. Our laser shutters are customized optically and mechanically for specific OEM grade customer applications. This customization limits the shutter per specific application or system.
NM Laser is pleased to announce the next generation of laser shutter that will be in production in the near future using patented diamond technology. The diamond technology is designed for high irradiance, high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) with broadband wavelength absorption.
The Diamond technology is designed using advanced material science, electromechanical, and magnetic systems:

  • Universal wavelength between 150-11,000 nm with one device.
  • Cleanroom certified, baked at 200C.
  • High irradiance and Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT).
  • Highest thermal conductivity material known to mankind.
  • Highest thermal shock resistance known.
  • Perform as safety and process shutter in one device.
  • Small packaging size with simple electronic drive.
  • Low shock and vibration during operation.

NM Laser’s R&D team is working diligently to release product into beta site testing limited to OEM customers. Product release date will be announced soon.