Safety Certifications of Laser Shutters

NM Laser’s Safety Certifications of Laser Shutters

Safety certification requirements, such as PL (Performance Level) and SIL (Safety Integrity Level), define the risk reduction and management of safety equipment as an entire module. Safety laser shutters are critical components in OEM laser equipment, which may require PL or SIL certifications. Achieving these certifications involves a comprehensive evaluation of the entire module, encompassing not only the safety laser shutter but also the electrical drive, power supply, and software input signal.

For over 3 decades, NM Laser has collaborated closely with its OEM customer base to certify laser shutters integrated with customer electronics to the highest SIL and PL ratings (SIL 3 and PL’e’). This has solidified our position as the world’s most reliable safety laser shutter technology provider. Semiconductor customers have played a crucial role in certifying LST400 technology to PL’e’ rating and LST800 technology to SIL 3 ratings, respectively.

Table 1. Represents PL certification comparison to SIL where NM Laser products have fallen under highest level of safety certification.

NM Laser’s shutter technology, quality controls, and life-testing strictly focuses on delivering multi-level safety designs. Control measures, such as independent position sensors with capability of additional dual sensors in each location, contribute to mechanical risk mitigation. The mechanical design of optics, with additional diverting port to power meter, enhances optical controls. Aggressive life testing of fail-safe mechanics establishes critical controls for electrical failures.

Author: Mohammad Khaliki, Executive President
December 1, 2023