Covid-19 Update | Nm Laser

Covid-19 Update | Nm Laser:

During these difficult times, NM Laser team’s main goal has been to maintain the safety of employees while meeting essential customer needs. Our medical, bio-tech, and OEM customers have identified NM Laser as an essential and critical parts supplier which granted us continuous operation from the beginning of the global shutdown in early 2020. We understood the importance of supporting customers that were producing critical safety equipment and tools for scientific researchers of the COVID-19 virus.

Our Business Continuity Plan was the key component in staying prepared for such a natural disaster. For the safety of our employees, NM Laser follows strict guidelines, such as: 6 ft. social distancing, mandatory masks, minimum external visits, staggered lunches and breaks, and cleanroom grade gloves. In order to meet customer demands, we were prepared with full inventory on raw materials, sub-assemblies, and FGI. Meanwhile, dual and triple supply chain sources were created to meet any on-demand needs. Our facility is well equipped and tooled for the most efficient lean manufacturing.

As we continue to look forward, the global market is preparing for a bounce back stronger than pre-pandemic. Our employees feel safe and we are ready to increase capacity to meet customer needs. The pandemic has proven the importance of preparedness. A strong supply chain in any market promotes a strong rebound from all disasters.


Mohammad Khaliki, Executive V.P.

December 21, 2020